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 Story of my cat's. *true story*

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Story of my cat's. *true story* Empty
PostSubject: Story of my cat's. *true story*   Story of my cat's. *true story* I_icon_minitime16/11/2009, 5:07 pm

This is for my cat Sam, Who has had a painful life. He has been through it all, danger, death, sickness, Pain, Happiness, Sadness, and most of all, his life. He's at six years of age. This is basically a journal for all the more interesting parts of my cat's life.

Story of my cat's. *true story* Hni0073

Our story begins 6 years back, He and his sister we're adopted by my parents, We we're at our grandparents farm waiting for my parents to return and they returned with the two kittens. We named them Sam and Maggie, both we're Manx. Over the course of the lives they grew up. Then only at the age of four or so. Something terrible happened. His sister-Maggie, was hit by a car, and died. Sam was mentally scarred. He was in a terrible state, But then an interesting thing happened. We found a cat, where my dad worked. It was a girl. and she was gonna starve to death. we brought her home with us, and she lived. her and Sam got along quite fine. He was out of his little slump, we named her Pumpkin. After a long while we got another cat who, was a cat we took in as a pet, it was that or let it starve. We named him firestar. He was much younger then same maybe a year? Anyways, At first they did not get along, but Sam give in and they became friends. They all lived happily for awhile. But then. Pumpkin disappeared she never came back to the house, Sam and firestar we're most probably devastated. There was a large hale storm, Firestar and Sam came back extremely sick, we did not realize it at first, but when we did it was to late, The vet did what they could. but Firestar died, Sam had lived truly by luck, At least I believe so. Sam went into one of his slumps again, after a few months, we got two kittens, named Lily and Feather. both sisters, Both we're a mix breed, they we're half Manx and the other breed we do not know. At first Sam did not like them. But he warmed up eventually. Now all live together happily. We love you Sam, may you live happily the rest of these years.

R.I.P, Maggie, *Pumpkin, Firestar.
*We don't really know if Pumpkin is dead.

Pictures of lily and feather:



Thanks for reading.

Story of my cat's. *true story* Cloudvii2
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Story of my cat's. *true story* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Story of my cat's. *true story*   Story of my cat's. *true story* I_icon_minitime16/11/2009, 11:24 pm

Awww it's looks so sad poor thing.
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Story of my cat's. *true story*
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