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 time power mysterious

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PostSubject: time power mysterious   16/12/2009, 3:46 am


XD Okay so time power and strength


Bio : A smart Girl that does not care what people think if they thought the world was to explode
She sit down and change the clock people often look at her and think she weird she looks like a cartoon carecter much differnt then others



Bio: A hyper boy Often picks up cars and saves accidents He looks pretty storng

age : 15


Gender :girl

age: unknown

Bio: A mysterious girl She disapeers with a blink of an eye
Much like a ghoust
Aton of people fear her
They take her to jail but she usally escapes she is good with animals espically woofs

mysterious picture

times picture

BTW! this story will have many activites and polls and other things it will be a way to kinda be active on one poll and on others
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Posts : 20
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Join date : 2009-12-15
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PostSubject: Re: time power mysterious   16/12/2009, 7:19 pm

Times story
*Random house of fire*

HELLLLLP! cried a little girl stuck with no way out

The dad And mom got out the mom Was crying she could save her daughter

The dad Diddnt care one bit about her

The mom realzied she didnt hear the girl anymore

the house burnt down

The parents we going to move.

Incase she was alive the mom gave her a piece of paper and sat it on the ground

You could still hear crying

She managed to get out and grab the paper so burnt

her mom had special postions she found and had put them in the girls room

Time. The little girl had it all over her and the fire had broken every thing

Thats when the postion activated

Time found her mom she lives with her now

But the dad went mad
He thought of finding time and killing her so the wife left him. now

He is like the main bad guy in this time
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time power mysterious
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