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 Alice Human Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Alice Human Sacrifice   Alice Human Sacrifice I_icon_minitime5/3/2010, 5:50 pm < Watch this before you start RPing in here, please.

[[OOC-In order to make this story last, you don't have to follow the storyline exactly and kill off your character, or make them evil (unless you want to) You can also meet other chracters in this.]]

Miku (since she is played as Miku that is what she will be called) awoke on the leafy forest floor. Her hair was a messy and tangled and her dress was slightly tattered at the bottom. "Where am I?" she asked herself as she stood up. She looked around her at the trees and the dark sky above. "How did I get here?" The forest around her seemed so large that she would easily get lost. But then she realized that didn't matter since she already was lost. She held her hand in front of her. Glowing on it was a green clover. "How did that get there?"

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Alice Human Sacrifice
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