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PostSubject: PhotoEditing.   PhotoEditing. I_icon_minitime8/4/2010, 9:07 pm


What is PhotoEditing?

PhotoEditing. Is the name of my shop. In this shop I can do anything for you from:
- Photo Effects (Black&White, Sepia, Popart etc.)
- Fake tan (If you want I can even make you paler)
- Eye colour changing
- Hair colour changing
- Touch ups
- Air brush
- Wrinkle removing
- Blemish fix
- Rotate
- Sharpen
- Add frames
- Add text
- Resizing
- Teeth whitening/ straighning/ gap teeth removal
- Weight loss
and any thing else you want!

All you need to do is give me the photo you want edited and what you want me to do to it. (:

I will charge 100 points for each photo.
Please do not ask me to make you a edit unless you are not willing to pay that.

Photos will take around 48 hours to be made, or more if needed.

A example of what I have made:
DISCLAIMER: BTW the girl in the photo is not me and I am not saying it is. It is just a model I edited so I could use it as a example.

PhotoEditing. Gbnm
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PostSubject: Re: PhotoEditing.   PhotoEditing. I_icon_minitime17/4/2010, 5:58 pm

Time to test your skills, Sarah. (Joke) Give meh blue hair where the red is and black where the purple is. =o Other than that do whatever. ^_^
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