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 Chapter One- A Start

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PostSubject: Chapter One- A Start   Chapter One- A Start I_icon_minitime25/5/2010, 3:11 am

I am posting what has already been posting in this RP on the old Nerfo. to ensure noone posts in this thread I will be locking it.

"If one was to lead'd be the demons...." a sentence by Var -
Leader of the seven demons.

It was pouring rain on the ground as a cloaked figure walked the streets of Caldum. Then another cloaked figure walked up to him. "Have you brought the diamond?" Asked one of the cloaked figures. "No, Axl I'm asking as a friend, lose interest in this diamond." Replied the other cloaked figure. "NONSENSE! I Axl Shall seek the diamond for lord Maxi!" Axl Finished angry. "Please listen to me! That diamond Will make you go mad! You aren't strong enough to handle it's power!" Pleeded The cloaked figure. "Fine....I just want to tell you somthing and listen good!" Axl Started pulling something out of his bag. "What my dear friend?" The cloaked figure asked still in a sad voice. "To live is to die and to die is to live." Axl said quickly pulling out a gun, and in a instant The cloaked figure was on the ground dead. "HAHAHAHA" Axl luaghed as he walked away.

-The next day-

Voice's rumbled in terror, the adults would not let the kids see. Something big had happened. "What's going on" Manx thought to his self. "A man! A man is dead he was shot! nobody out after nine pm!" a man yelled walking away from the body. "A man....dead? nothing has happened like this in awhile." Manx said walking over to the body.

A boy, about 16, looked over to him. "Yes... " He said quietly. "I'm surprised noone knows how it happened... " He sighed. "There has to be a witness... just keeping quiet..." He grinned a dark grin, like he knew something.

"Hmph, Well. I'm going my own way so see yea." Manx said walking away from the boy.

"Wait... " The boy said suddenly. "My name is Soru... I feel we will meet again so..." he stopped.

"Excuse me but I have some tax for yea Soru." A big man said clamping his hands together. "Listen we're busy come back later?" Manx said annoyed.

"Hmm... " Soru mumbled distantly. He was deep in thought and it seemed he didn't even notice the man.

"Nadda, amigo." The man said taking a sword out of nowhere. It had a diamond in it, sparkling like crazy...

Soru sensed something strange about the sword. Before the man could pull it out completely, he flung out his pale hand and handed him money. "Now leave us alone... "

"Hmph...And I thought I would be ble to use my sword....." The man said.

Soru let off a dark grin. "To bad for you... "

"Hmph, Well. I Need to be somewhere so good bye." Manx said looking at the dead body.
Later that day-
"You made it Manx, We were just about to talk about the diamond [VONUS]." a Man said.

Soru walked through the city, perking up at every sound, every movement. He was looking for something...

"[VONUS]?! WHAT WHY!?" Manx jumped. "We need to hide it, otherwise king maxi shall destroy the world.." The man said.

Soru sighed. He hadn't found what he was looking for, as always. When he walked through town a gate opened up under him and he fell into a dungeon.

"What was that?!" Soru exclaimed. It had surprised him.

"I thought I heard a noise, Manx go check it out." The man said.

Soru heard the voices. "Could that be... "

"SORU!? How'd you find this place?!" Manx asked

"I didn't really find it," he sighed, looking at the ground. "More like fell in... "

"You Fell in? And i thought you looked at everything every second! GWAHAHAHA!!!!" Manx couldent stop laughing.

"Shut up! This isn't funny!" Soru growled. "It was a little mistake... It won't happen again... "

"Sure thing..." Manx replied, still laughing.

Soru rolled his eyes. "So where am I, anyways?"

"Demon Card, otherwise known as The underworld." Manx replied.

"So I have found it... " Soru said darkly.

"Let me say this though, If you are here too long you become a Demon Card like me." Manx said looking back.

"What do you mean?"
"Their are seven angels and seven demons they keep order in the world and locked away many great evils, The seven demons are called Demon Cards." Manx said.

[[Will post rest later.]]

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Chapter One- A Start
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