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 MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party

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PostSubject: MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party   MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party I_icon_minitime11/6/2010, 2:13 am

Hi all!

We have announced MidLans 2010, i'll post some details here but please keep an eye on our website because it'll be updated in real-time. I'll certainly keep this one up-to-date for as long as possible. Please note that our website address has changed, we would very much appreciate it if ye could spread the word. Thanks!

Overall duration: 48 Hours
Starting: 6PM Friday 20th of August 2010
Ending: 6PM Sunday 22nd of August 2010
Places available: 400

Event Entry Fee: €30

If you want to attend the event, you must sign up and add your name to the bookings list. Please find link below: Sign up on our website, the up-to-date bookings is also available there.

Location of Venue and Features:

- Full gigabit backbone network
- 11 managed, dedicated game servers
- Dedicated file servers
- Dedicated projector for tournaments
- Full 3-Phase electricity
- Spot Prizes and Fun Competitions
- Hosted in the midlands top community centre (1 hours drive from Dublin)
- Arcade area - Wii gaming, console/arcade competitions
- Free shuttle service from local train/bus station
- Free Parking for all
- Free showers and seperate Sleeping area on site
- Lots of B&Bs in the area (please check our forum for a complete list)
- Shop and Dining facilities on site, breakfast, dinner and snacks served daily
- Security System



Streete Community Centre,
Co. Westmeath,
For Directions Click Here


Attendee Requirements:

-Transport to LAN venue
-Your PC or Laptop
-PC cables + 4 way Socket board
-Please do a virus scan before the event
-Money for food and drink
-Sleeping bag and cushion (If your staying in the venue)
-A signed waiver(available at the event reception, if your under 18 years of age please download it AND GET A PARENT OR A LEGAL GUARIAN TO SIGN IT!)


Games played

Suggestions welcome - Please post on our forum
(practice and fun, the order of the games in this list does not indicate popularity)

Counter Strike - Source
Battlefield 2
Battlefield - Bad Company 2
Day of Defeat Source
Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal Tournament 3
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and 2
Team Fortress 2
Supreme Commander 2
Enemy Territory : Quake Wars
Ghost Recon 2 : Advanced Warfighter
Commander & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars
Warhammer40k - Dawn of War + expansion packs
Company of Heroes : Opposing Fronts
Supreme Commander
Armed Assault
World in Conflict
Street Fighter 2 turbo
Street Fighter 4
Flatout 1, 2 and 3
Command & Conquer - Generals : Zero Hour + Mods
Day of Defeat Source
Quake 3 Arena and Mods
Quake World
and many more... any suggestions are welcome before and on the day of the event!

If you want to find out if people are wanting to play any specific games not listed here, just post it on our forum to see if others will be interested in playing them.
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PostSubject: Re: MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party   MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party I_icon_minitime11/6/2010, 12:02 pm

Wow, Wish I could do this..But i'm not very close to Ireland ._. and i'm pretty broke. Durn, This looks awesome ._.

MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party Cloudvii2
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MidLans 2010 - Gaming Lan Party
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