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 D9's Art

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PostSubject: D9's Art   D9's Art I_icon_minitime23/7/2010, 9:00 pm

got a color scanner. got a bunch for ya.
D9's Art 38874_451346840599_742385599_6590612_6147620_n
D9's Art 38874_451346835599_742385599_6590611_737979_n
D9's Art 38874_451346845599_742385599_6590613_352828_n
D9's Art 38874_451346850599_742385599_6590614_2016646_n
D9's Art 38874_451346855599_742385599_6590615_7878200_n
Custom Mecha Sonic at a friend's request.

D9's Art 38918_451346990599_742385599_6590623_2246919_nD9's Art 38918_451346995599_742385599_6590624_7575714_nD9's Art 38918_451347000599_742385599_6590625_4951172_nD9's Art 38918_451347005599_742385599_6590626_5556260_n

Possibly NSFW

D9's Art 38918_451347015599_742385599_6590628_5445185_n
Human Shadow, at the request of the same friend.
D9's Art 38918_451347020599_742385599_6590629_5221467_n
D9's Art 38918_451347025599_742385599_6590630_1724367_n

It's technically a sprite, but i count it more as art nonetheless.
D9's Art Sigmafinished
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D9's Art
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