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 "How could Skyward Sword be great"

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"How could Skyward Sword be great" Empty
Post"How could Skyward Sword be great"

Xizor of Has written an article about how The legend of Zelda:Skyward sword could be great.

"The first part discusses the Master
Sword and the potential that arises from not incorporating it into the
next Zelda game. Do you feel that this would be a good choice on
Nintendo’s part? Or do you feel it would be a grave mistake to forsake
such a timeless piece of Zelda lore? Give your opinion at the forums!
Remember, you don’t have to be registered to post in the LoZ Times board
and comment on news! It can be your forum; see what you can do!"

It's a good read and I suggest checking it out.

You can read the first part Here!
You can view the entire list of parts Here!

"How could Skyward Sword be great" Cloudvii2
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"How could Skyward Sword be great"

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