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Nightmare Empty
PostSubject: Nightmare   Nightmare I_icon_minitime6/8/2010, 10:51 pm

Tell me what you think!

Chapter 1, this is hell.

Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there's little fun to
be had in explanations - they are antithetical to the poetry of fear. In a
horror story, the victim keeps asking 'Why?', but there can be no explanation,
and there shouldn't be one. The unanswered mystery us what stays with us the
longest, and what we'll remember in the end. - Stephen King

I awoke, dazed. The crimson sky above me, a small hint of
gas and a hissing sound, similar to fire. Then a sharp pain hit me, my legs, completely
torn apart. I had no skin left on them,
and chunks of my body were gone, allowing me to see crimson red bones. I was
bathed in blood, I wanted to let out a scream but I couldn’t make a sound, not
one. But then a something brushed against my cheek, a hand. I slowly looked to my right to see a girl,
when she saw me looking at her she quickly moved to my legs. I could feel
something drilling into my bones and skin, I wanted to let out a scream but of
course, humanity had other plans, everything slowly blacked out, as everything smothered to black I saw the
face of the girl slowly lean towards me, then, darkness.

I woke up on something soft, cushions? I couldn’t really say
for sure, but I was warm and that was something I was glad about. Of course everything
good has to come to an end, eventually. I sat up, it was dark, but it was calm,
it was a small room, seemed like a cabin, but I couldn’t really say for sure.
On both sides of the room were windows, on the right window the glow of the
moon flooded in. The left, I could see out into a forest, to my front was a
door, probably leading outside. I looked back to see I was on a bed. Then I looked to the left of the bed to see
the girl from earlier, deep asleep, I flew off the bed, to the wall nearest to
me. She sat up and looked at me, which amazed me since it was so dark. “You’re
awake..?” She asked slightly dazed. “Yes...” I replied. “Uh… Who are you?” I
asked. “Karen. Your Cloud correct?” Karen asked. “I... um… Yes…” I replied.
“Good.” She said standing up. “You
survived the worst.” She said walking towards me. “Worst..?”
I asked. “One hundred nuclear
explosions covered the earth. You somehow survived it.” Karen replied. I slowly
dropped to the floor. “Well…Then…How the hell are you alive!?” I yelled, in
disbelief. “This area was crafted by gods of amazing power, indestructible, I
was sent to find you and bring you here.” She replied. “Nothing like that
exists!” I yelled again. “You, or, you’re shadow, Clod, caused this, you will
either find and kill him, or face death. It’s up to you to decide.” Karen
replied. I sat where I was as she sat down next to me. I wanted to push her
away and not believe her, but something, something rang true. “I…Alright, I… I
will.” I replied. “But you have to tell me everything about you, just so I know
who I’m working with.” I added. “I’m the daughter of death, but I’m also a
human. See, my mother was a human, and Death, or as some of you call him, the
grim reaper, met her, he watched her from afar, and then something happened and
they fell in love, and I was born, my mother died and death brought me to hell
with him. Clod killed him, so now I’m death.” She explained to me. From that I
knew, what would ensue and happen.


Nightmare Cloudvii2
V Honor quotes V
Triforce Eden wrote:
Thank God for Nick! Like the noble Benvolio, he truly is the "Peacemaker" XD.

ganon wrote:
Last night I woke up and looked at my desk chair and I almost started screaming. My clothes were piled up on it and it looked like someone sitting there. I only realized what it was after about 3 seconds. My heart was pounding like mad.
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Posts : 1467
Points : 39434
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Age : 24
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Nightmare Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nightmare   Nightmare I_icon_minitime7/8/2010, 9:52 pm

Chapter 2, Shadows.

Karen had told me how she had fixed my legs; apparently she
fused chunks of metal in my skin and bones, when I looked I see what she meant
I could see my skin and chunks of metal throughout my legs.

I gave a loud yawn, stretching my arms and standing up, for
a moment I thought I was going to topple over, but thankfully I caught my
balance. “So...Now what?” I asked looking at Karen, who was still sitting down.
“…I’m not sure.” Karen replied. “Shouldn’t we go look for Clod?” I asked. “No, your
weak, the simplest Dzard could bring you down.” Karen told me. I shrugged, but
then something she said annoyed me. “Dzard?” I asked her. “It’s a velociraptor,
only somewhat smarter, faster and much deadlier.” Karen replied. “Well that’s
nice.” I told her.

I woke up, the bright light made me shut my eyes, but I
slowly opened them to see Karen entering from the front door. After are talk
about Dzard last night she left and told me to get some sleep, she seemed so
calm then but now she seemed to be in a panic. I jumped out of bed and began to
walk over but stopped from a small tapping noise. Then, A Dzard busted through
the door, sending Karen flying, she slammed headfirst into the frame of the
bed, I could hear a loud crack, I was hoping that was the bed and not her. I
quickly looked back at the Dzard. What I remember was that Velociraptors were
fast, very fast, and Dzard were faster. In an instant the Dzard was over me, its
mouth open ready to chomp down on my head. I quickly ducked just as it shut its
mouth; it saw my quick movements and clawed its claws into my arm. I looked up
at it and punched it right on the mouth, it jerked back surprised. “Ha!” I
laughed, but it was a short one as the Dzard began to run at me, I jumped to my
left, letting the Dzard slam into the wall, of course, it was much to smart for
that, as I jumped to my left it turned as it was running and kept going
straight for me. I jumped left as it was over me, It skidded and I quickly
picked myself up, it turned to me lashing out at me with it’s mouth, as it
regained sights of me I punched it in the face, it let out a loud screech. It
lurched back, using this opportunity I rushed at it and slammed my fist into
its neck, I heard a loud crack, it fell sideways, hopefully dead. I rushed to Karen
whose head was bleeding. I ripped a bit of my already torn up shirt and wrapped
it around her head. She slowly sat up, and gave me a small smile through her
bloody face.

I had never really paid attention to what Karen really
looked like, she had long blue hair quite messy, you could tell she hadn’t
fully brushed it in a couple days, or maybe a month. She was wearing a simple
gray t-shirt, that of which was stained with red splotches and it was torn, and
she had some ragged blue jeans, like before was stained in red and torn. She
also had green eyes. She was smart; she paid much attention to everything
around her. We were walking down the highway of which she found me, cars and
bodies were littered across the ground, the only thing that seemed to somewhat
seem intact was the grass and trees. Karen abruptly stopped, looking to the
left into the forest. I felt something was watching us. I looked to the
highway, looking for something that we could use as defense. I picked up a
piece of metal; I grabbed another piece of metal and threw it over to Karen who
grabbed it without even looking. She ran towards the figure, but something was
bothering me, the figure didn’t even try to move. Then I realized it, I ran
after Karen. “Stop! It’s a tra-” I stopped as Karen was thrown towards me by
a…person? I grabbed Karen, setting her down. The metal in my legs was heavy,
but I managed to get used to it easily. The figure ran at me and before I
realized it I was punched in the stomach and sent flying into a tree. I pulled myself off the tree and drowsily ran
at my attacker, slashing and missing them every time. Then I stopped mid way as
I saw the face of my attacker. “Midna!?” I exclaimed dodging a punch to the
face, then she stopped and looked at me. “You’re alive!?” She gasped. “It’s
nice to see you again.” I told her. Karen walked up to my side. “You two know
each other?” she asked. “Yes.” Midna replied.

For the past few hours Karen and Midna were talking as we
traveled down the highway. I didn’t lose the sense of being watched, until
something interesting happened. As we traveled down the road, darts flew and
hit Midna and Karen, both dropped to the ground, I quickly turned around and
was slammed in the face with a rock, everything went black.

I awoke, dazed and confused by my surroundings; I was in a
small cell, just a large square room with no light but a small fire outside of
the cell. The cell was completely empty except for me.
I could see chainsaws, and torture devices all lined up neatly against the
fire. Humans and Dzard both walked around some stopping and looking in, they
would occasionally spit and through stuff at me.

The gate opened and they dragged me out towards the fire.
They threw me over the fire and tied me to the ropes ripping off my shirt and
burning me with marks; my screams of agony making them giggle and laugh. Then I
saw it in the distance, a man holding a chainsaw, slowly walking towards me, I
could hear his footsteps and the noise of the chainsaw drawing closer. As he
raised the chainsaw over my head, I knew this was the end for me. Then, out of
nowhere, Midna ran in throwing a stake into the guy’s head, he dropped back and
the chainsaw tore into his body, a rather grim way to die. I gathered my
strength and broke free from the ropes landing next to Midna. “Thanks.” I told
her, pulling the rope off my hands. Cells all around us suddenly opened up, men
with chainsaws walked out towards us, they cackled as the room slowly dimmed
with smoke. “Well, shit.” Midna breathed, grabbing the stake, I grabbed a few
hot rocks, which sizzled in my hands, and I began to throw them at some of the
guys, some of the rocks hit their faces, they jerked back screaming and the
chainsaws jerked back with them, causing some gruesome deaths. Midna threw her
stake with precise action and it stabbed one in the heart. He fell forward,
chainsaw in hand. I looked back to see that they were getting closer. “We need
to get to the door over there.” Midna told me, pointing to where she broke in.
I turned around to see they were right on top of us, I jumped to my left and
dodged as one brought down a chainsaw, Jumped back and picked up a chain saw
and flung it into the head of one. I stared in amazement, then, a large door
behind the fire opened, Dzard swarmed out and sitting atop one, was…Me? “Hello, Glad to be here as I watch you and
the girl die.” He laughed. “You’re Clod correct?” I asked slowly stepping back
Midna behind me. “Why yes, you are so very smart, Cloud!” He laughed. I don’t know what made me do what I did, but
I ran forward, fist clenched and jumped at Clod, but before I could make
impact, a Dzard lashed, biting my leg and dragging me across the ground, then I
was thrown into Midna, we rolled until we slammed into the wall. We both slowly
got up. “You alright?” I asked. “I’m fine...You?” She asked. “I’m alright.” I
lied, pain surged through my leg beyond belief. Then a Dzard jumped out of the
crowd and ran at us, it hunched its head low and threw us into the air onto its
back. It growled at us and ran for the exit jumping over any Dzard that got in
our way; Clod didn’t even try to stop us either. “Why did you help us!?” Midna exclaimed. The
Dzard only let out a simple growl.

We were deep in a destroyed city, following the Dzard. “So where’s Karen?” I asked. “I’m not really
sure.” Midna replied. “Where do you
think this Dzard is taking us?” Midna asked. “Dunno.” I replied, looking
around. The Dzard stopped abruptly, it was a small building, looked to be
pretty bad condition, but would be a nice hide out. The Dzard kicked the door
open and we walked in. Just like the outside the interior was in pretty bad
condition, but there was clean furniture all around, under are feet was a big
silk rug, it made up most of the room we were in, which I was guessing was the
living room, there were a couple chairs in the bottom right corner of the room
and a (broken) TV in the top right. To the left was a long hallway, a single
door at the end. “Now what?” Midna asked the Dzard. It looked a lot like the
pictures you’d see of a velociraptor; its profile was the same too. It was much
bigger though, almost bigger then a human. The feathers were a shade of blue
and red. I wasn’t entirely sure if the red was blood though. The other Dzard
seemed to have gray and red unlike this one, maybe it was the runt of its
family? The Dzard looked at me, its sharp gaze made me look away instantly, the
door at the end of the hall swung open and Karen walked down towards us.
“Karen!?” Midna and I said at the same time.
“Your both alive! I was worried Einx wouldn’t find you.” Karen said happily walking over to the Dzard
of which she called Einx. “Einx?” Midna asked. “Yes, that’s his name.” Karen
replied. I was sitting in my chair, my leg had begun to hurt vividly
again. Karen walked over and looked at
my leg. “You’ll be fine, just clean it.” She told me standing up. She showed
everyone their rooms, and everyone had soon gone to bed, except for me, who was
tossing and turning. “Why me?” I muttered looking up at the ceiling. As I lie where I was I remembered something,
something disturbing.

It was a cool winter morning as a boy and his grandmother,
drove down a road back to the grand mother’s house, but they stopped abruptly
on the road almost swerving as someone walked across, no matter how much the
grandmother tried to stop the car, it slid into the person until finally they
stopped. The grandmother rushed out of the car but saw no body at all. She
thought it was her imagination but she was very wrong. They continued to drive
down the road until they parked at the house, they walked in but it was quiet
and eerie, no one was home and all the phones were unhooked. The only noise to
be heard was the ringing of one phone, The boy who was curious slowly walked to
the phone, and answered, he asked to see who was there, with one simple reply:
“Hello Cloud.” It hung up afterwards,
the boy turned around to see his grandmother was gone and he was all alone. He
checked the whole house then went outside; he called out for his grandmother
over and over with no reply, until he met a strange looking boy, just like him.
The boy’s name was Clod and was also looking for his grand mother, as they
walked farther from civilization, Clod seemed to get more restless. They slowly
made their way to a lake, a frozen lake. Clod asked the boy a strange question,
the boy’s face grew pale as Clod grinned and slowly walked towards him, Clod
grabbed the boy’s coat lifting him over the lake and as a last resort, the boy
tugged towards the lake, making sure Clod came with him. The boy awoke next to
the shore of the lake, which was frozen over, and he saw the silhouette of a
small lost boy floating in the darkness of the lake, the boy of which was
called Clod.

“Cloud? Cloud!” I awoke, rolling off the bed. Midna and Einx
were standing looking over the bed to see me on the ground. “Nice to see you’re
awake. You okay? You were tossing and turning big time while Einx and I watched
you.” Midna said. “You didn’t bother to wake me?” I groaned. “Nope.” Midna
replied, her and Einx shrugged.

Midna, Einx, and I walked to the kitchen, of which a rustic
table sat, with plates of food sat on top. “Wow.” I breathed looking at the
immense amount of food. “Glad to see you’re awake.” Karen said staring at me.
“Eat up, we’re leaving soon.” Karen added sitting down, I watched as Einx
devoured his food, partly amazed and disgusted, of course, I wasn’t much
better. We soon set out after eating, we went to the now destroyed mall, to
stock up on food and clothes, of which I was glad to get out of my torn
clothes. “Where to now?” I asked. “Dunno.” Karen remarked. Midna, Einx and I
all looked at each other. I had always guess Einx was able to understand us,
Dzard were, after all, smarter then humans.

We were out of the city on open plains, perfect for ambush,
but luckily everyone was ready if something were to happen. As we walked I
spotted a gas station not to far ahead. “Should we check the gas station up
ahead?” I asked. “Alright.” Karen replied simply. We walked fast and quietly.
Making sure nothing would spot us. As we made our way, I could smell a hint of
gas, if something wanted to; they could blow this place to nothing. We entered,
it had a hunting section in the back, as we made our way back I looked around,
it was a standard gas station, if there’s such a thing, we got to the back to
see the wall full of guns and ammo. I grabbed a semi auto machine gun, Midna
grabbed a snipe rifle, and Karen grabbed a shot gun. We grabbed as much ammo as
possible, then the doors swung open and a man with a sword and shotgun slowly
walked towards us. He raised his shot gun at us, and we scattered instantly.
One Loud bang and the wall behind me were blown to pieces. “Shit, Shit, Shit!”
I yelled quickly turning around the corner getting my gun ready. I turned
around the corner as I heard him reload and started shooting Blood went
everywhere as I shot his body, He took out his sword and stabbed at me, I
quickly dodged and ran like hell. He was clearly going for me and only me, but
he shot at anyone that tried to help me,
Einx was around the corner, I quickly ducked as he jumped forward with
amazing speed and bit the guy’s head off before he could get a stab in. the
body dropped lifelessly to the floor, his head soon after. I slowly crawled
over, and shuffled through his shirt and pants for anything of interest, but he
had nothing but the shotgun and the sword, of which I took. I grabbed some shot
gun ammo, and we quickly fled. “That was close.” I panted. “You’re quite lucky
that Einx was around the corner.” Karen told me. “Thanks.” I told Einx who
looked proud of murdering a man, it was his Jurassic blood. Which made me
freeze. Everyone looked back at me. “If Einx is a velociraptor. Only, smarter,
deadlier and faster, what if they recreate a Tyrannosaurus?” I said. Karen and
Einx looked at each other, clearly worried.

For the rest of the walk everyone was completely silent
about what I said. It was like the
silence of mourning for the dead. Now we were racing to find Clod and defeat
him before that happens of worse.

Clod walked silently up a long corridor of stairs, a trail
of shadows following after him, he opened a door and walked out onto a large
roof of a tower, he stared down at the ground. “How is the recreation going
Xene?” He asked a Dzard behind him. “Good...M’lord.” It hissed. “They will be
ready soon...” It added. “As soon as we
kill Death, everything and everyone will be immortal, unable to die. A world of madness and pain, how nice it will
look. Do you not agree Xene?” Clod laughed. “Yes…M’lord…” Xene laughed.

Chapter 2 end.

Nightmare Cloudvii2
V Honor quotes V
Triforce Eden wrote:
Thank God for Nick! Like the noble Benvolio, he truly is the "Peacemaker" XD.

ganon wrote:
Last night I woke up and looked at my desk chair and I almost started screaming. My clothes were piled up on it and it looked like someone sitting there. I only realized what it was after about 3 seconds. My heart was pounding like mad.
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