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PostSubject: VOCALOID Bios   VOCALOID Bios I_icon_minitime5/3/2010, 5:07 pm

Here I will post the Original VOCALOID characters and you can post one that you made up. PLEASE post a picture of your VOCALOID is you decide to use your own. Also include Name, Age, Weight, Height, Character Item and personality. Please tell me if you want to RP as one of these characters in thread. If so, tell me which thread you would like to play as them in.

Miku Hatsune

Age- 16
Height- 158 cm
Weight- 42 kg
Character Item- Leek
Picture- VOCALOID Bios 240px-Miku_Hatsune

Rin & Len Kagamine

Age- 14
Height- 152, 156
Weight- 43, 47 kg
Chracter Item- Roadroller, Mikan Orange, Yellow Onion
Picture- VOCALOID Bios 240px-Kagamine_Len_and_Rin
Rin- Left Len-Right
Gakupo Kamui
Age- ???
Height- ???
Weight- ???
Character Item- Eggplant
Picture- VOCALOID Bios 3s3s

Luka Megurine
Age- 20
Height- 162 cm
Weight- 99 lbs
Character Item- Frozen Tuna, Whip
Picture-VOCALOID Bios Megurine_Luka

Age- 15-16 (???)
Height- 178 cm
Weight- 65 kg
Character Item- Ice Cream
Picture- VOCALOID Bios Moe98243kaitomaleputidevilvocaloidw

Age- ???
Height- ???
Weight- ???
Character Item- Sake
Picture- VOCALOID Bios Meiko
There are also fanmade VOCALOIDS that you can use. I'll post a link to a lis of them here-

I was really tired and lazy when I finished this, so if I forgot something or got something wrong please tell me so that I can fix it! ^_^"

VOCALOID Bios 93194774ac8f7e32b8d54
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